Characters from Shakespeare, Baroque sculptures, cartoons, beer labels are mashed together to tell personal stories, with a tragic sense of humor, in my sculptures.

Symbols of youthful fantasies are entangled with metaphors for adult anxieties. For instance, fears of humiliation are represented by tar and feathers. The creatures take on the magical and monstrous qualities of who we become in relationships.

I use sheer fabrics to give the monsters a vulnerable side -- making them both threatening and pitiful. Seductive colors and sensual textures are juxtaposed with repulsive and gory elements such as entrails and blood. Kitsch components are incorporated in an unusually sincere and visceral way.

All of my pieces are sewn by hand with an anxious, aggressive, and unrefined stitch. I reuse my materials by cutting up my old sculptures to make new work. I am interested in how this process is similar to the term for the subtle evidence of corrections in a painting, pentimenti, which originates from the word “repentance”.